Feral Colony Needs A New Home

A small colony of 8 feral cats are in need of a new home due to an unsafe location. This young colony of cats were born at their current location and fed by many of the occupants that ate their lunch nearby. Now they are a year old and are no longer wanted there. In fact, the occupants have been instructed to no longer feed the cats! We need your help to get the word out quickly!

Although they have not been held and loved, they are very aware of the role that people play in their lives. They show delight when given attention. They get also excited to see their feeder and run alongside them to the feeding area. The cats are all very sweet, some are a little shy, and some will allow you to sneak in some loving pets. In addition, all of the cats have been spayed or neutered and had a rabies and fvrcp shot. They eat a dry cat food diet and enjoy canned food as a treat.

As much as we do not want to have to move an established colony it necessary to save their lives. Our goal is to find homes where there is a need for barn cats or garden cats and the new owner will provide shelter, food and water, and medical attention if needed. We would like to see them go in pairs and even three or more if that is an option. We will be screening potential adopters the same as we do at our adoption sites. A home visit will also be scheduled to ensure that it is a good fit. Instructions and a quick tutorial of how to make the transition into a new home will also be provided. If you are interested please contact Kelly  wooleyburgers@yahoo.com

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