“Nimbus” our dam kitty

Thanks to the Sacramento Metro Fire Dept “Nimbus” (named by the channel 31 news crew) was rescued off of the Nimbus Dam, then taken to the Sac Animal Shelter where he was bailed out by our volunteer. Nimbus was thought to be feral but as it turns out, he was not feral, just terrified. How scary was it to have a fireman hanging over you with a rope and then end up in a trap! His TV debut was on the Channel 31 web page under video with the heading “Nimbus” dam kitty

As you can see Nimbus was pretty skinny, nobody knows how long he was on the dam.



Day three, still not sure if he is feral or scared. Ok, I am touching him and he is leaning into my fingers. This is a very good sign!

This is the first time being held, It is hard to hold a feral cat and take the picture too.



Nimbus got a very bad upper respiratory infection. In the day time, he was outside in the summer air, it was great. He watched the humming birds in a feeder right next to him. He was very content to lay in his hammock while getting well.

Nimbus is very vocal. He has a little bird like call almost like he is singing a little tune.



Nimbus prefers to be carried where ever he goes other wise he is under your feet. :~) He always looks like he is smiling or thinking how to manipulate us to get more attention. Ha! Note he get more handsome each day.


From a very scared kitten stuck on the Nimbus Dam to cat show glory. Who would have guessed his otherwise bleak future would turn in to the life he has today. It just goes to show that just because they are feral does not mean they deserve to die. He brings much joy and happiness to his family every day. The next time you see a little feral kitten, there could be a “Nimbus” inside waiting to give you lots of love.